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Andie and her frustrations... Andie and her 100th post Andie and her exams Andie and her homework =/ To my darling paperbin ;) LOL Andie and conversations with god Andie and Korean blogging- 앤디 하고 한국어로 블로그그 Andie and food Andie and her wishes Andie and flowerpot

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Andie and her frustrations...
Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm really
I really wish that I could have the courage to do what I really want despite the circumstances and the consequences.
I want to follow my dreams too.

Andie Mortis

Andie and her 100th post
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well it says on the blog that this will be my 100th post!!!


Today was my last day of exams! I think I passed my Psych exam? I'm regretting a certain aspect of the exam though. There was this bit in the exam where we had to create a table of Piaget's theory of Cognitive Development and I completely forgot the R in S.T.E.A.R. I made that up so I can remember the pre operational level of Cognitive Development! I spent 10 minutes just trying to remember what R was but I still couldn't remember it. It's REVERSIBILITY!!! T^T How could I not remember that? It's so easy to remember!!! Reversibility- the ability to follow a line of reasoning back to it's original starting point....Blehhh....


Anywho, on my last post it said that I will update on what's happened so, above is the picture that some people took from X.T which is a fundraiser concert for Y.F.C's Brisbane Conference :) It was a very fun night. Me, Reena (middle) and Shaniz(right) sang 3 songs. The first one was falling slowly by Once, the second one was Replay English Version of Shinee and the last song was Pyramid by Iyaz and Charice Pempengco. I think we sang it relatively well. :D

Update on youtube: Uhh, I shall either do a cover of David Choi's song OR post up an original song which I haven't posted yet lol

Oh and I get a day off tomorrow!! WEEE!

-Andie Mortis

ZOMG!!! How long has it been since I posted on this thing? lol

I'll update on what I've done the past few months for example: X.T concert (I performed), Lena's going away party and getting a beautiful new guitar on my next few posts.

Well I don't seem to have the time ever to blog hmmm...

I think I've taken up too many projects this year in 2010.

A special sorry to Geoff for not being able to write "Duty" :'(

I don't have much time lately @.@ and when I do, I don't have the inspiration.

It's probably best if you ask someone else to write it >< SORRY!

I haven't written a song in a long time! And it's making me very depressed!

I don't know what's wrong...=/ It's been months!! I usually write at least ONE song for each month but this year it's like I really need to try hard to get the inspiration.

It's killing me!!! WAHH!! TT.TT

Anyways, it's exam week this week. I've finished my bio, english, chem, jap and maths exam!

I only have my psych exam to go! :D

I did my best and I have no regrets! If I fail then I shall fail with honor lol

Hope you guys are having a wonderful time there at N.Z!!

What's the weather like? It's really windy here and it's raining really hard @.@ scary...

-Andie Mortis

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Andie and her homework =/
Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Whyyy did my teachers leave me with so much homework for the holidays?!!!
"It's to prepare you for VCE this year." thay say.

I say TSCHHHHH to that!!!
I somehow feel that it's because they want to torture us

Hmmm....whatever the reason, I'm stuck with it now
and I haven't even started =3="

Oh dear....

10 pages for maths
10 pages for english
5 pages for Jap
5 pages for Psychology


Well I better get started...

Aja aja !!!

-Andie Mortis

To my darling paperbin ;) LOL
Friday, December 25, 2009

Well, it's Christmas today so I think that it's only reasonable that I sayyy Merry Christmas!!!! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!!!
I also wish you Happy Birthday my darling paperbin! :)

My darling paperbin only appears when I'm most upset and my darling paperbin appeared just a few days ago. Thank you dearie! XD

I knoww I sound so crazy, right? Well I don't think anyone would understand what I'm saying....except maybe some of my old friends haha :)

But anyways for Christmas, my sisters and I will go watch a horror movie. XD My eldest sister's treat hahaha. I love horror too much I think =/
And we'll also be going on a boat on Sunday, to relax and go sightseeing. My parents have been busy with work lately so we never have time to go sightseeing so I'm happy that we finally get to sightsee!!! :)

Oh anddd the Andie that doesn't get upset is back! She might come one of my bipolar episodes but I don't think that'll happen anytime soon XD hehehehe

How did you spend your Christmas?

-Andie Mortis

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Andie and conversations with god
Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Christmas soon!!!!! :) I haven't really had a funn Christmas ever since I left philippines. The last Christmas that we went to Philippines my grandma died so we spent our Christmas grieving instead of celebrating. I also didn't get to see my cousins from my mums side whom I really wanted to see... I miss them that's why. Ever since then, I never expected anything too grand for Christmas. This year though I hope it's better. I want to have at least one happy Christmas away from. The Philippines :) anyways I'm making a song called conversations with god. It's a song about feeling alone all the time and crying all he time and asking god why he has forsaken you. The song is written in two voices. One is of the person praying and the other is god. God is saying that the person only needs to open her eyes and listen around to see that she is not alone. She is never alone. She wasn't left alone... She isolated herself. :) I'll finish I up, record it and post it on youchoob!!!! Merry Christmas everybody!!

Andie and Korean blogging- 앤디 하고 한국어로 블로그그
Sunday, December 20, 2009

오랜전부터 지금가지 블로그에 한국어로 쓰고싶었어 하지만 한국어로 쓰기를 잘못했으니까...못했다...=3=" 하지만...지금 한국어로 쓰기를 저금 잘해. :) 잘했으니까...나는 저금 행복하다.

Hmmm I have no idea if that sentence is grammatically correct so I have to ask my Korean friends first haha XD

It's supposed to say...
"Since a long time ago, up to now, I've wanted to write in Korean on this blog but I wasn't very good at writing in Korean so I couldn't do it. But now, I'm a little bit better. Because I am better...I'm a little happy.

I'll be writing a Korean passage in each post I can practice my Korean :)

-Andie Mortis

Andie and food
Thursday, December 17, 2009

To cheer up, we must eat food!!!! lol


Watch a funny/horror movie :)

Hello, dear blogg...

These days it seems like I can't see pictures of my friends without feeling sad. I guess it's because it's the holidays and I really want to see them. The thing is, I don't really feel like I fit in anywhere anymore.

I have friends here, that's true but I'm not close enough to them. I don't have anyone to talk to if I have problems or if I just want to talk. Even laughing is a hard thing to do. Maybe that's why I've been burying my head into other things like writing songs and writing fanfic. I also have friends in N.Z and friends in the Philippines. But I don't think I'll ever 'fit in' like I used to. I look at pictures of my friends and they all look so happy. They're all having fun. They've all moved on. But I haven't.

So where do I fit? Their pictures are where can I fit?

I used to think that after I graduate here and come back to N.Z, everything would fall into place again. I'll be able to laugh, joke and have fun like I used to...But when I talk to my's just not the same anymore.

Maybe, I changed.

My only wish is that I can change back.

I miss the old me!!! I miss you, Sarah Salvador, who never gets upset like this :P Where did you go? lol

Just have to hang in there a little more, right?


-Andie Mortis

Andie and flowerpot
Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm actually supposed to be washing the dishes right now but instead in doing this LOL I'm currently listening to flowerpot by loveholic and also alexs version LOL it's such a beautiful song !!!! Makes me cry every time I hear it LOL anyways just to update on youchoob stuff :) I made a cover of jessica mauboys song let me be me. And I'm planning on doing a higher quality version of flowerpot... LOL so that's that LOL oh and I'm going to change this song by trading yesterday called shattered :)

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